A Standart Tobacco, Very Similar to A Classic Cigarette

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Tobacco flavoured vape juice.

Looking to top smoking? Then our tobacco flavoured vape juice may be just the ticket.

Do you like your smoke to taste like smoke and none of this mamby-pamby-sudo-flavoured smoke?

Then our tobacco flavoured vape juice is right up your street.

Tobacco flavour juice is specifically catered for those looking to quit cigarettes and take up vaping.

What is tobacco flavoured vape juice?

Its the ideal way for those looking to stop smoking to make the transition to vaping.

Our tobacco flavour will help you make that difficult and sometimes scary switch from cigarettes to vape.

we suggest starting with a 6mg strength nicotine vape juice.

Going straight from smoking cigarettes to a similar strength vape juice may catch your throat and make the change over unpleasant, and more difficult.

If you start off lower you can always get a stronger strength later should you feel the need.

How tobacco flavoured vape juice is made?

We took the essence of tobacco and matured it, condensed it and fortified it in a Willy Wonka-Esque manner.

This gives our tobacco flavour juice the smokiest, most tobaccoey flavour we could.

Removing the nasty stuff commonly associated with cigarette smoke and providing a healthier way to get your nicotine fix, without compromising on the flavour your neuro-receptors have come to love.

If you do however feel like switching up flavours, you can check out our awesome range of vape juices here.

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10ml, 3x10ml (30ml), 5x10ml(50ml), Shake & Vape 100ml (70ml + 3x10ml nicotine shots)


0mg 80/20, 3mg 80/20, 6mg 80/20, 12mg 50/50, 18mg 50/50


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