Fruit Pastels


A sweet strawberry orange blackcurrant lemon and lime mix

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Fruit Pastel Vape Juice

All your favourite flavours, all in one go. Our Fruit Pastel Vape Juice is laden with fruity flavour from your childhood.

A deliciously sweet and indulgent mix of Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Orange, Lemon and Lime. Just like chomping down on an entire packet of your favourite child hood sweets. Yum!

What is Fruit Pastel Vape Juice?

Remember as a kid you would just stuff as many sweets in your mouth as you could manage, your face dripping wet as juice poured out your semi open mouth?

Well maybe that’s just me.

You’ve just opened up a packet of fruit pastels and grabbed a few not knowing what ones you’ve picked up. Strawberries, blackcurrant, Orange, Lemon, Lime – A mix of them all.

Gubbed the lot in you gaping maw and chomped the whole lot into one fruity mass.

Well that childhood absurdity and greed that lets face it we have all tried (If not go and give it a bash and indulge your inner child) is exactly what we have tried to achieve with our fruit pastel flavour vape juice.

It give a sweet refreshing smoke that is totally reminiscent of those hot summers, carelessly munching down on sweets and E-numbers like they were going out of fashion.


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10ml, 3x10ml (30ml), 5x10ml(50ml), Shake & Vape 100ml (70ml + 3x10ml nicotine shots)


0mg 80/20, 3mg 80/20, 6mg 80/20, 12mg 50/50, 18mg 50/50


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