Endura T20 Starter Kit


Endura T20 won the ecigclick awards for best starter kit of the year in 2017 and we can fully back this with an outstanding design and functionality to help those on the cigs become smoke free or even for those vapours looking for something more like a cig it has definitely played up to its job

1500mAh Built In Battery, 2ml Capacity Tank, USB Charging

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Endura T20 Starter Kit

The Innokin Endura T20 Starter Kit is a thin and compact pen-style device that features a 1500mAh built-in battery and a 2ml tank. The Endura T20 takes Innokin’s Prism T20 Coils only, and cannot be used with the older T18 Prism coils.

The battery can be charged via USB, and the kit also features a tank cap to ensure no dust or debris is getting into the mouth-piece when not in use.

The Endura T20 starter kit is reasonably priced, made from high quality materials, hard wearing, discrete, and is ideally suited for anybody who is looking to stop smoking, or for a secondary mod. AND it is currently on sale.

Endura T20 Starter Kit Contents

The Endura T20 stater kit comes with everything you need to stop smoking and start vaping.

Inside the box you will find:

  • Sleek and stylish Innokin Endura T20 Mod  X 1
  • 2ml glass and metal Innokin T20 Prism Tank  X 1
  •  High quality USB Charging Cable  X 1
  • 2ml Capacity
  • 20mm Diameter
  • 1500mAh Built In Battery

USB Charging

The Endura T20, An award-winning starter kit. We must ask why?


What does the Endura T20 have on the likes of Smok or Vaporesso?

Well, with every “Vape” “Mod” etc It has a sole purpose. The purpose of the Endura T20 its is to help you stop smoking. The device is made in a way that it replicates a cigarette to the best an ecig can (imo), A plug and play device I like to call it.

It is extremely easy and straightforward which is Ideal for a starter/someone wanting to stop smoking using the healthier alternative method, Vaping.

Discrete Vape Mod

As much as you will see massive cloud blowing from many people who vape in the street, this is not what the Endura T20 will provide.

The endura T20 will provide a cigarette like smoke/cloud, pairing your device with the correct nicotine levels can be crucial to feeling its full effect.

But I’ve never vaped before, how easy is it to use the Endura T20?

The Endura T20 starter kit is incredibly easy to use, and comes with simple straightforward user manual that will have you throwing out your cigarettes and vaping in no time.

So let’s get down to how it really works, The Endura T20 comes with 2 different mouthpieces ( part of the ecig you will rest your lips to inhale)

1 being a very unusual from an outside perspective ( photograph below ) as you can see it does not seem very ergonomically pleasing but it serves a purpose, a purpose of hygiene and general cleanliness.

Most users tend to just slip there device into there pocket especially one that is so slimline and pocket friendly which results in possible fabric and tissue clogging there mouthpiece.

Having this mouthpiece on top will prevent that to an extent.

I see most users only applying this mouthpiece when they’re placing their device away and then converting back to its more ergonomic mouthpiece (as discussed in the next section)

So, in conclusion, this Endura T20 mouthpiece serves a purpose, a purpose that really has been the only one of its kind to come with a kit 4/5 stars for me!

So underneath the previous mouthpiece, you will be greeted with a much much smaller mouthpiece (photograph below) commonly known as a 510 mouthpiece

This mouthpiece is of industry-standard. With perfect size, width and diameter. The functionality of this mouthpiece is so on point, that it is absolutely perfect for a new vaper/starter.

In conclusion, this mouthpiece can’t really be faulted it does its job very well, is comfortable in the mouth. It is just the right size to suit most users and is what the consumer really wants 5/5 stars

Robust T20 2ml Glass Tank

Moving on to the tank its self (the part of the ecig that holds the eliquid), such a simple design yet effective, design.

Filling from the top, with a simple and easy twist to open top, just like a typical bottle of juice cap. filling up from around the outer side of the coil ( coil spoke of in the section ) allowing a capacity of 2ml, which is plenty for a starter.

For usage and wear on the tank is pretty minimum. The tank itself is made of metal and glass, with the glass being protected at certain sections by the outer metal guard. leaving nice window like sections to see your liquid and giving a good guide to when you should stop filling the tank.

unlike most tanks, this Endura T20 tank does not have any direct contact with the battery through a base connected to the 510 connector (510 is the threading and connector that makes a connection to the battery, allowing power to run through it).

This tank simply allows the coil (Discussed in the next section) to slot in nicely through a gap in the base of the tank which itself has a 510 mouthpiece on it.

so in conclusion I give this tank a 5/5 stars due to its no fault feature.

Final Words

All in, the Innokin Endura T20 Starter kit is a fantastic choice for those who want a discrete secondary mod, AND those who are looking to stop smoking. Its sleek design fits comfortably in the hand, can be easily stored in the pocket and is roust enough to last you for a long time.

I honestly cannot recommend this kit highly enough. Its comfortable mouthpiece, long life battery quality tank, and overall ease of use will have you throwing out those smelly cigarettes and vaping in no time.

And don’t forget to check out our range of awesome vape juices so you can start vaping straight out of the box.

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