Smoant Charon Mini


Less is more!

The Charon mini

4 colours available

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Charon Mini

The charon mini… what a vape mod!

What is the Charon mini?

The charon mini is one of many smoants creations.

It’s a beautifully designed Vape mod, ergonomically pleasing and aesthetically pleasing.

The Mini would typically be classed as a “sub-ohm device” although its features allow it to fire from 1w all the way to 225w, meaning there is really no tank that is too little or too big for the charon mini.

The charon mini is a personal favourite with its new power output your first draw and last draw will be exactly the same.

It does not allow the “low battery” effect how it performs it really does give its all until your very last draw!

This Mod is most definitely an innovation in the industry allowing a customized background and screensaver

Easy Customisation

Charon mini has a beautifully placed 510 bang in the center also running the fatboy 510 which is essential a big silver plate protecting the devices paint work from any scuffs or scrapes your atomizer may cause, I personally love that addition and how it is centred allowing those slightly bigger atomizers to sit neatly

Smoant has managed to squeeze all these great little features into such a compact ergonomic device

The charon mini sits 89mm High, 45mm wide and 29mm in length so from these measurements you can really see the charon mini is a really compact Vape mod

With every Vape mod we always need to consider charging

Battery life for days? We all wish for this but the real questions are how does the vape mod charge, Safely? Fast? Solar panels? We really do wish!

So this particular Vape mod… The charon mini supports 1.5A charging wich is most definetly enough if you don’t have the ability to use an external charger.

Lets be real with all this aesthetically pleasing cringe, Are we really being real about this or we kidding ourselves on? Well who would imagine a Vape mod with 2inch screen with 262k pixel leve and 300dpi? Not to our surprise yes you guessed it the charon mini!

Does the Charon Mini mod have any cons?

The charon mini hiding some horror yet to reveal?

I personally cant say there is…. Well I have found one problem with this vape mod…

I just don’t have enough hands to use all these different coloured charon minis at the same time!

That sound more like a me problem than the charon mini problem….

The charon mini comes in…..

Rainbow! For the man who wants to show he’s sassy

Red! For the woman showing her dominance!

Black! For the ninja who vapes… Keep it stealthy

And Gold! For all us high ballers kidding ourselves on

The charon mini may not have protection on the bank if you’re anything like me and want to buy all the colours to feel sassy and dominant at the same time….

Although this vape mod does have….

Low Voltage Protection

Over current Protection, Over-heating protection,Over time protection….

Annnnnd Reverse battery protection

The charon mini is really the full package it would be a shame to pair this with anything bar the standards it holds, So I’ve linked one of the highest Mah 18650’s on the market below

These batteries are really great for any Regulated Vape mod.

And for something to site nice a cool on top of the charon mini here is a personal favourite the Blitzen rta…..

Additional information


Red, Gold, Rainbow, Black


With 2x 30Q 18650 + £8.50, No batteries


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