Endura T20s Starter Kit


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Endura T20-S

If you are looking to stop smoking, or a newbie vaper then the Innokin Endura T20-S starter kit may be just up your street.

The Endura T20-S is a sleek and stylish “pen” type Vape mod that does its best to replicate the draw of a cigarette, whilst making it a more enjoyable and safer alternative. The T20-S is also incredibly easy to use and will have you vaping straight out the box.

Its slim line design and relatively small size make it an ideal discrete vape mod for those new to vaping, whilst being able to keep up with the more expensive and “trendy” vape mods.

The T20-S also comes in a range of exciting colours.

The new Prism-S tank is designed to increase the flavour of your vape juices and provide a satisfying throat hit similar to your favourite brand of cigarettes…Minus the plethora of worrying chemicals and carcinogens associated with cigarette smoke, or bad breath.

What Vape Liquid Can I Use With The Endura T20-S?

The Endura T20S is compatible with most good quality vaping juices, however we recommend you try out several different flavours to find one that suits you. If you have more of a sweet tooth then something like our Starburst juice may to your liking, or if you like that throat hit then our Blackjacks vape juice may be more appropriate.

Ultimately the Endura T20-S can be used with all juices from our range however flavour is down to personal choice.

How Do You Fill The Endura T20-S?

Filling your T20-S vape mod could not be easier, you simply twist the top and pour your favorite vape juice in, filling the 2ml tank. To close the tank you simply twist the top in the opposite direction until its securely closed.

What Coils Does The Endura T20-S Use?

The T20-S kit uses the Prism-S coils.

You can get them HERE.

How Do You Charge The Endura T20-S?

To charge your T20-S Vape kit you simply attach the included micro USB cable into the USB port.

Who Would Benefit From The Endura T20-S?

Although the Endura T20-S is classed as a “starter kit,” is is a seriously high quality and superbly designed vape mod that would suit most vapers.

Its ease of use and clever design make it an ideal mod for those new to vaping or for somebody who is looking to quit smoking.

The kit also comes ready for you to start vaping straight out of the box, and when used with our range of vape juices it should last you for a long time.

The Endura T20-S starter kit by Innokin is perfectly suited to new and experienced vapers alike, its cool and clean lines, simple functionality along with selection of finishes and colours make the Endura T20-S a stylish and simple, and is ideal for those new to vaping who are looking to stop smoking.


Final thoughts

Brilliant for those looking to stop smoking.

Or using a nicotine level from 3mg-12mg.

Simplistic design yet modern.

Easy to use.

Plug and play.

A personal favourite.

Give me your thoughts in our review section!

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