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Smoant Battelstar Mod

The battlestar mod by smoant is a true  powerhouse vape mod.

Rugged, reasonably sized, and comes with the hardware to keep you vaping away on your favourite juice all day with the right batteries (find the excellent Samsung 30Q HERE).

If you are looking to get the ultimate in flavour with any tank, high quality internals you would expect to find in much more expensive mods, at a low price then the Smoant Battlestar is the mod you want.

Externally the Smaont Battlestar mod can be described as “industrial,” with clean lines and available in a selection of colours and finishes its futuristic and simplistic design is both aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.


Ranging from 1-200w the Smoant Battlestar mod can handle pretty much any tank you care to put on it.

How to turn on the Smoant Battlestar Mod?

To turn on the Battelstar mod you simply click the fire button 5 times, likewise to turn it off simply click 5 times again.


How to open the Smoant Battlestar?

to access the batteries you simply put one finger and one thumb on the holes at the side of the mod, squeeze them together slightly and pull the back off.

allowing you access to the battery area. the mod also has a handy ribbon attached to allow you to take the batteries out easier.


How to charge the Smoant Battlestar?

The Smoant Battelstar is charged using any standard micro USB one of which is included in the box.

the mod also allows you to charge while you vape.


How to use the smoant Battlestar mod?

To smoke the battlestar mod you simply select the desired wattage, press the fire button and take a draw.

To select the menu you click the fire button 3 times in a row.

You can then use the left and right buttons below the fire button to select the setting.

What tank works best with Smoant Battlestar Vape mod?

Realistically with the power output of this mod you can attach pretty much any tank you want.

From the GeekVape RTA (you can get it HERE), to the ever popular Drop RDA (which is available HERE).

Really the choice of tank comes down to your personal preferance


The battelstar mod by Smoant is an awesome piece of kit. It should be noted however that you will need to buy a tank of some sort and two batteries 18650,.

All of which are available on site with the links above.

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